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Week 4 is a chance to catch-up and refocus on some of the most important elements of the past 3 weeks. So, let’s quickly review the past 3 weeks of the program.

Key components of diet:

  • Regular consumption of vegetables and low GI fruits
  • Regular consumption on fresh fatty fish (or plant based omega 3s)
  • Reduction in ultra-processed foods
  • Reduction in added vegetable oils

Key components of stress management:

  • Established coping strategies
  • Regular relaxation exercises
  • Frequent sedentary interruptions
Week 4 Illustrated

Ending Remarks

There were no supplements, no excessively restricted dieting and nothing that is overly difficult to achieve. Nonetheless, the cumulative effect of each component should result in:

  • Balanced blood sugar levels
  • Improved mood and mental focus
  • Reduced sebum production
  • Improved sebum composition
  • Reduced levels of inflammation

And each of these elements are essential for the maintenance of healthy skin. Without them, any progress made at the skin level is unlikely to be sustained.

Take this week to catch-up on any of the items you may have missed or simply couldn’t fit into your schedule. Focus on items where you think your biggest shortcomings lay and try to really build these principles into your daily habits.

All the best!

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