Getting Started

The most important step of all, is the first step.
Emblem for Skin Support Information Page

Dear Reader,

Thank you for joining the Skin Support program.

For the next eight weeks you will be provided with a set of objectives and some supporting reading materials.

What To Expect

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Weekly modules contain objectives and supporting reading materials
  • End of week reflections are encouraged and can make the process much more rewarding
  • Your feedback helps further improve the program

The Points System

Points are used to control access to SkinSupport program content.

These points are provided at account creation and throughout the length of the program.

Premium Members

Premium members are automatically assigned 100 points at registration. This is the maximum amount of points a member can earn. This unlocks all program content and allows you to work through the program at your own pace.

Community Members

Community members are assigned 10 points at registration. This unlocks the informational sections and the first module of the program. Additional points must be earned through reflection at the end of each module or by simply waiting 7 days.

  • Earning Points Through Reflection
    Each module includes a reflections section at the end. These sections are ment to provide you with a way to share your thoughts and evaluate your progress throughout the program. Submitting a weekly reflection awards 10 points and unlocks the next module.
  • Weekly Points Assignment
    If you really don’t want to participate in the reflections, points are automatically assigned every 7 days. You don’t need to do anything to earn these. Simply re-visit the website after 7 days and these points should be assigned to your account.

Program Overview

To get a good understanding of how the program is structured, here are the main 8 modules for you review:

  • Emblem for Skin Support Part 1 - Establishing Fundamentals
    10 Community Points

    Improving Digestion

    There is delicate relationship between your digestive system and the state of your skin. By improving one, you provide the building blocks needed by the other.

  • Emblem for Skin Support Part 2 - Achieving Dietary Balance
    20 Community Points

    Achieving Dietary Balance

    Dietary choices should not be overly focused on single nutrients and components. Instead, balance must be achieved to provide the stability your immune systems need to thrive.

  • Emblem for Skin Support Part 3 - Controlling Stress and Anxiety
    30 Community Points

    Controlling Stress and Anxiety

    Stress, anxiety and depression are known to worsen various chronic skin conditions. Finding strategies to deal with these issues can significantly reduce their burden.

  • Emblem for Skin Support Information Page
    40 Community Points

    Half Way

    The first three parts have covered a lot of ground. This module allows individuals to catch up and connects the various topics discussed previously.

  • Emblem for Skin Support Part 4 - Half Way Through
    40 Community Points

    Lifestyle Adjustments

    There are certain habits that are detrimental to your health. Isolating the addressing these factors can go a long way to stabilizing immune function and further reducing stress.

  • Emblem for Skin Support Part 5 - Reducing Irritation
    50 Community Points

    Reducing Irritation

    Various environmental factors may irritate the skin and intensify existing symptoms. Understanding the things that may be doing some of the damage is the first step to stability.

  • Emblem for Skin Support Part 6 - Improving Barrier Function
    60 Community Points

    Improving Barrier Function

    The outermost layer of the skin is one of it's most important protective components. Discovering ways to improve this barrier can prevent many issues down the line.

  • Emblem for Skin Support Information Page
    80 Community Points

    Wrapping Up

    Time to wrap things up. This module attempts to provide a summary of the content discussed and highlight the important takeaways from the program.

Ending Remarks

Let me know if you run into any issues, need any assistance or if have any questions/concerns. Community support is provided via the dedicated program forum.

Hope the whole journey proves useful and worthwhile.
Best wishes for the eight weeks ahead!

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