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Dear Reader,

This is the final module of the program and it’s time to wrap things up.

Dietary Objectives

  • Increase intake of raw vegetables and low GI foods
  • Vitamin A rich vegetables and cruciferous vegetables should be emphasized
  • Increase intake of fresh fatty fish and/or plant based sources of omega 3s
  • Decrease consumption of packaged foods and added fats (including vegetable oils)
Week 8 Illustrated - Diet Summary

Lifestyle Objectives

  • Never sit continuously for extended durations
  • Utilize breathing exercises to reduce anxiety
  • Implement tools which can help you regain control of your mood
  • Find things that make you laugh and take time to enjoy life
  • Reframe stress (this is actually going to be introduced in the bonus week)
Week 8 Illustrated - Lifestyle Summary

Skin Care Objectives

  • Keep the skin cool to prevent irritation
  • Avoid over focusing on the skin and refrain from excessive interaction
  • Establish a minimal skin care regimen
  • Focus on maintaining a low skin surface pH and enhancing the skin barrier
  • Utilize formulations designed for sensitive skin
Week 8 Illustrated - Lifestyle Summary

Ending Remarks

Thanks for your support and for your participations.

In the end, I strongly believe that if you implement the objectives presented in this program into your daily habits, your skin will thank you for years to come.

Wish you all the best!

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