Dear Reader,

The end of week 5 is here and it’s once again time for reflections.

Last week’s questions generated some excellent insight with the first group of participants and it seems that this sort of reflection is likely more valuable for progress.

Accordingly, this week is going to have one main question and several less important ones.

Primary Question

  • Have you ever had temporary remission of your skin issues simply due to changes in your environment (travel, moving, workplace changes, new relationships)? If so, what do you think played the biggest role in the remission and how long did it last?

Additional Questions

  • Did you ever consider the impact your indoor environment may have on your skin?
  • Can you think of a single location/environment where your skin issues clearly worsen?
  • Have you ever had issues with blood flow to your extremities (feet, hands, nose)?
  • How often do you wash your skin and what effect do you think this may be having?
  • When you skin is dry and flaking, how do you approach removal of the build-up?

Weekly Reflection

Ending Remarks

This week started to examine the skin it-self and how skin temperature may be used to influence the skin’s integrity and environment.

Please let me know if you have any questions or require any additional information on any of the topics discussed. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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