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4 Responses to “Reflections”

  1. Sally
    Sally -

    Before discovering this amazing blog and website, I had come to the conclusion that diet played a role in the condition of my skin. It is great to have this theory confirmed. I experimented with a gluten-free diet, and then a paleo diet. Both worked. I continue to eat a gluten-free diet, and a modified paleo diet, with no alcohol and with reduced sugar, potatoes and processed food. I do eat legumes, rice and tortillas. I avoid baked goods, for the most part, even gluten-free ones.

    For the record, I think that auto-immune disease and too many pharmaceutical drugs were the initial cause of my seb derm, but the skin problem remains even though my health is vastly improved and my prescribed medications are reduced to just one thyroid pill a day. As I continue to eat healthy and pursue a more healthy lifestyle, my skin continues to improve.

  2. Skinny
    Skinny -

    What sort of progress (if any) did you feel throughout the week?
    >My skin (face, chest) is looking good (a 7 out of 10, I‘d say). It‘s feeling good, too (an 8 out of 10).

    Are there any components of the program you found difficult ?
    > Reminding sounds good enough physical activity is a little difficult sometimes. I tend towards being rather passive throughout the day. Although I did jog for a whopping hour each day. And I start to see toils, such as cooking, cleaning the house, doing a little bit of cleaning up in the garden, has good opportunities to move and be out in the sun.

    Where there any specific tactics you used to meet your objectives?
    > I printed out a list of foods with low Glycemic index, so that I got a good understanding of the wide(!) variety of vegetables, fruits, and legumes that I can eat instead of focusing on what I should not eat. When in the bathroom I leave the lights off/turn away from the mirror whenever possible, in order to not mirror too much.

    Was there anything else you added into your first week objectives?
    > I filled my fridge with omega-3-rich oils and frozen canned fatty fish ( nothing else added to the can but the fish). I stopped buying dairy and wheat products. I am pretty much following the so-called paleo diet (veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, fish, some chicken, seldomly red meat – all as untouched by man’s processings as possible).

    I also use cream on my face, that works as a moisturiser, nothing more. I do get flareups now and then, but they all subside within two days or so when treated with the moisturising cream twice a day. My skin seems to suck cream up like a sponge. The cream comes across as quite fatty, but after an hour or so, my skin has sucked most of it up like a thirsty person in the desert.

    If you had to pick a single thing that stood out most, what would it be?
    >A week into adjusting my diet, I feel very well. I do not miss sugar, or diary, or bread, yet. I hope it stays that way. However, what’s the doubt the most to week into adjusting my diet, I feel very well. I do not miss sugar, or dairy, or bread, yet. I hope it stays that way.
    I must say, that understanding the mechanisms behind my skin’s condition and just having a clear, sound plan to work on, relieves some of the stress that comes with it.

  3. honeybee
    honeybee -

    I have recently discovered that my seb derm flare ups go hand in hand with hormonal fluctuations. I have started eating healthier and in line with recommendations in this chapter. I also try to eat only 3 times a day. It is still early days and I noticed a lower grade flare up already.

  4. jimmast
    jimmast -

    I found Drinking the recommended amount of water does not bring any benefit. I find that if I eat a diet filled with fruit and veggies I Can meet most of the water needs with food and adding the recommended water on top of that can actually make me start to feel water logged.

    This weeks lesson helped me start to see oil in the same light as sugar. I always considered olive oil healthy. But it is devoid of the moisture and fiber that naturally comes in olives. Unnatural concentration of any nutrients like that seems to mess with my body.

    Why not talk about animal based vitamin A sources? Lean, cheap, nutritious and a little goes a long way!

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