Dear Reader,

Hope the first week of the program has been interesting and you’re already seeing some initial progress. Though it may have been a little mundane, I believe starting slow is key to long term progress.

Now it’s time for your first reflection which is an integral part of the program.

If your anything like me, you probably hate reflecting and taking notes of your progress. But let me be frank, without taking time to reflect your sabotaging a big part of the program.

Give it a try at-least once and experience the difference it can make.

Questions to Consider

  • What sort of progress (if any) did you feel throughout the week?
  • Are there any components of the program you found difficult ?
  • Where there any specific tactics you used to meet your objectives?
  • Was there anything else you added into your first week objectives?
  • If you had to pick a single thing that stood out most, what would it be?

Important Notes

  • Your weekly reflections are public and anyone can read them
  • Writing about your progress in public can help you put things into perspective
  • Read through other peoples reflections and take time to interact with others
  • Keep discussion respectful and consider each individuals unique circumstances

Weekly Reflection

Ending Remarks

Thanks for participating and hope that this reflection period proves worthwhile. As always, if you have any questions or issues you can always reach out via the program discussion forum.

Look forward to reading your reflection.
Best wishes for the week ahead and never give up!

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2 Responses to “Reflections”

  1. honeybee

    I have recently discovered that my seb derm flare ups go hand in hand with hormonal fluctuations. I have started eating healthier and in line with recommendations in this chapter. I also try to eat only 3 times a day. It is still early days and I noticed a lower grade flare up already.

  2. jimmast

    I found Drinking the recommended amount of water does not bring any benefit. I find that if I eat a diet filled with fruit and veggies I Can meet most of the water needs with food and adding the recommended water on top of that can actually make me start to feel water logged.

    This weeks lesson helped me start to see oil in the same light as sugar. I always considered olive oil healthy. But it is devoid of the moisture and fiber that naturally comes in olives. Unnatural concentration of any nutrients like that seems to mess with my body.

    Why not talk about animal based vitamin A sources? Lean, cheap, nutritious and a little goes a long way!

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