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May 9th, 2002
Sigrid Suschka, Bernward Fladung, Hans F Merk
Paper Abstract

The effects of two topical cream formulations containing clotrimazole 1% and ketoconazole 2%, respectively, were clinically compared in a double-blind, randomized manner for a 28-day therapy of interdigital tinea pedis in 106 treated patients. Ketoconazole was to be used twice daily whereas clotrimazole was administered only once daily. The primary response criterion defined as the number of patients with cure or improvement after 28 treatment days was comparable with 62.0% vs. 64.0% (clotrimazole vs. ketoconazole) for the full analysis set of 100 (50 vs. 50) patients. The mycological response revealed a negative culture and microscopy in 53.1% vs. 52.1% of the patients after 14, in 76.0% vs. 79.2% after 28, and in 83.7% vs. 76.9% after 56 days of observation, indicating a possibly better long-term efficacy of clotrimazole. The development of the overall score of tinea-related signs and symptoms did not show relevant differences between the two drugs and continuously decreased from 11+/-5 in both groups at baseline to 2+/-2 vs. 2+/-1 at day 56. As to the remission and improvement rates of single symptoms, better results were obtained under clotrimazole than under ketoconazole particularly for pruritus (97.8 vs. 89.6%) and burning/stinging (97.5 vs. 89.4%) which both are perceived as most bothersome by the patients. Furthermore, both substances appeared as comparably safe and well tolerable (8 vs. 7 adverse events with only 1 vs. 3 drug related). In conclusion, a successful therapy of tinea pedis can be achieved with both clotrimazole and ketoconazole within 28 days of treatment and once-daily clotrimazole is equally effective as twice-daily ketoconazole with favourable influences on the most irritating symptoms of the disease. Mycological and reliable clinical cure cannot be observed during two weeks after start of treatment.

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Discover my current regimen (since August 2015) more info

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