My Seborrheic Dermatitis Skin Regimen 2.0

This is a follow up on my original regimen written back in September 2015.

It’s now been almost a full year since the previous version was written and I’ve made significant changes to my regimen. This new regimen has been extremely effective for me and has radically changed my view of seborrheic dermatitis and skin care in general.

Here’s a quick summary of where things stand now:

Why I’ve Changed My Approach

  • Fear that I did not fully understand my skin and that my seborrheic dermatitis may resurface at any point.
  • My previous regimen was showing signs that it was no longer as effective as it once was.

What I’m Doing Now

  • At its core, my current regimen relies on a unique blend of natural triglycerides (oils) which I apply daily (missing a few days has been fine).
  • I no longer use any cleanser or soap on any sebum-rich areas of my skin; other than a mild shampoo for my scalp/hair.
  • After the shower, I simply rinse my face with moderately cold water, wait for it to begin to air dry and massage in a drop of the oil.

What I’m Doing for My Scalp

  • For the past few years, I’ve been using a shampoo called Andalou Natural Moisture Rich Shampoo, which kept my scalp issues at bay.
  • The makers of this shampoo have recently (summer 2017) changed the formulation and the new one is no longer as effective (significantly more drying).
  • Using the same oil (as for my facial skin) has helped to offset most of the dryness scalp.
  • The future plan is to either develop a custom shampoo formulation or find a suitable Andalou replacement (ideas/suggestions welcomed).

How the Oil Developed

  • While operating this website and writing the eBook I became obsessed with truly understanding seborrheic dermatitis.
  • My new found knowledge allowed begin finally understand the patents/principles of existing treatments.
  • Through the research, I began making attempts at my own custom formulations.
  • The sub-set of formulations which utilized triglycerides (oils) demonstrated superior results and this is naturally where my focus shifted.
  • After gradual improvement, a specific formulation was isolated and this formulation is the main component of my current regimen.

The Skin Conditioning Oil

  • The oil that I use is a simple blend of specific triglycerides extracted from palm and coconut oil, sea buckthorn seed oil and vitamin E.
  • The main function of the oil is to help supplement healthy skin barrier function, while also modulating the skin’s microbial community.
  • Based on the success I’ve had with this specific oil blend, it was first made available directly to community members of SkinDrone and then under a separate brand name called BIOM8.
  • You can find out more about this formulation on it’s dedicated page over on the BIOM8 website.
  • This formulation is applicable for all areas skin (including the scalp), but my primary usage is for the facial area, ears, and hairline.

Other Important Factors of My Regimen

  • My diet is fairly relaxed, but there are certain things which I try to include daily: apples, carrots, cruciferous vegetables, enough water, and celery.
  • Another important factor in my diet is my omega 6 to 3 ratio has drastically shifted. This is without supplements, but primarily through the consumption of fresh fatty fish.
  • Eating in moderation and making sure to not overeat has been very helpful and I believe many of us may fall victim to larger portions than our bodies really need.
  • I’ve made it a habit to never inspect the skin close up and never pick any pimples or blackheads that arise.
  • I strongly believe that stress is a huge factor and do notice that my dandruff tends to act up during times of high stress.

Additional Resources

Hopefully, this may prove useful for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the above.

Update 2017: This regimen has been utilized by individuals all over the world and in the majority of cases, their outcome has paralleled my experience. However, everyone’s skin is unique and I believe knowledge is still our most valuable asset moving forward thus my work with this website continues.

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About Michael Anders

After being affected by seborrheic dermatitis, I have made it my goal to gather and organize all the information that has helped me in my journey.

Notable Community Replies

  1. Hi Jamie,

    It’s ready, but I’m waiting for the first batch of inventory to arrive.
    However, I haven’t really been able to test it since my seborrheic dermatitis has gone away from using the original Biom8.

    For initial orders I will likely either offer a large discount or simply add it to order of original formula as a sample.

    Will update as soon as it’s ready to be shipped.

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  2. hakan says:

    Hi all,

    I just found the most important article on treating the cause of skin problems, that I have come across in 10 years.

    Clinical and investigative studies confirm that supplementation with a combination of flaxseed, borage and fish oils at the correct dosages during ca two months, is an important step to improving skin texture, skin complexion and the treatment of certain skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis and some cases of acne), due to their effects on promoting the production of prostaglandins PG-1 and PG-3 in the skin.

    Processed foods like sugar and alcohol and so on promotes the procuction of PG-2 which makes the skin red, dra, scaly and infected.

    I will try to find the correct dosage for this and go for it a few months. Will get back with results.

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  3. donna says:

    Hi Kay,
    I wear makeup to work everyday and have not had any problem using the BIOM8 with it.
    What I do is I wash my face with cool water in the morning and apply a tiny bit of BIOM8 as per Michaels instructions while my face is still slightly damp, massaging it in well (my problem skin is around my nose and chin so thats where I put the most BIOM8. I only give my forehead a quick swipe because I find my makeup can get a little shiny in that area if I put too much there). I wait a short while for it to absorb then apply my makeup. I bought the large bottle of BIOM8 (250mls) so use that to remove my makeup as well. Also use it as a moisturiser over my whole body straight after a shower again whilst skin is still slightly damp. I too was told not to use oils on Seb. Derm but find BIOM8 is an exception, my skin is clear after a very long time and has been for approx. 2 months. Good luck :slight_smile: PS. I use an oil free makeup made especially for sensitive skin.

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  4. alexey says:

    Hi, Michael.

    I live in Russia, I’m 28 and I have SD.

    Maybe I don’t know English well but I’ll try to speak because I need it.

    I have SD for a year. It’s on my forehead (the biggest part of SD), my right cheek and maybe its little parts everywhere on my face and right below my ears but they are not visible most of the time.
    My SD is followed by a acne everywhere as mentioned above. I haven’t dandruff or same with my scalp except couple of pimples here and there. My SD isn’t dry but very oily. There is nothing about dryness at all, by the way.
    I have a hair loss on a forehead and nowhere else (I hope so).
    Also, I do not shave the face so the beard and mustache can hide the appearance of the disease. I also have a forelock on my forehead to hide the redness and pimples on it, but with hair loss the situation can get worse and I’ll have to wear a hat always and everywhere in public.

    All of the dermatologists prescribes steroid creams for two weeks and then some unsuccessful treatment such as zinc pyrithione and other doubtful meds.

    For now I’m using that steroid cream and some of those prescriptions (don’t know why) for about 6-7 months almost without interruption. Every time the first reaction on revocation of steroid cream is rapid redness and progressive acne (sorry, don’t know how to say it).

    I hate that acne more than redness and I want to get rid of it before it ruin my marriage, my life, my career and my assurance.

    I have just couple of questions to you.

    How to cancel use steroid creams right now but before I can get your BIOM8 if it’s possible?

    It’s shipping of BIOM8 to Russia is possible?

    I want to cancel all of my current “therapy” and start treatment from the beginning but with brand new therapy.

    What to use with BIOM8 and how necessary it is?

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  5. mark says:

    Hi guys, new to the website, but what a great website it is. Loads of concise info and advice.

    I have had SD for a couple of years, currently only around my nose. I know that it appears there are definitely different triggers of SD and probably different compositions of it which is why some people have success with some treatments and not others.

    I seem to really suffer in the winter, in the last 3 winters I have had IBS, ( I am in the UK so it gets cold !!) Then 2 years ago, I got the rash on the face.
    I have a stressful job which sees me sat at a computer for hours on end so when I read this website, I literally was a walking time bomb for this condition, stressful job, no sunlight, issues with digestion.

    I have decided to see this is a positive turning point in my life, improve my diet, reduce my stress, get more time outdoors which will ultimately hopefully lead to get rid of my SD. I think Michael you are definitely right about a lot of it being to do with your thoughts, if I spend a lot of time worrying about the rash or even staring in the mirror looking at it, I can physically make it’s appearance worse just by doing this.

    I have a question, I went on holiday last week to a much warmer climate. I got there about 5pm, had one meal, a quick dip on the pool. By the middle of the next morning so I had been there for less than 24 hours, my SD had 95% cleared up !! I know there are a lot of theories about different water, or food, or the sun helping with SD but I don’t think I was there long enough for this to kick in so quickly. So my theory is the stress reduction. Anyone have any thoughts on this ? Also does anyone else have IBS, I wonder if this is common in people with SD, thanks for listening,

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