My Seborrheic Dermatitis Skin Regimen 2.0

This is a follow up on my original regimen written back in September 2015.

It’s now been almost a full year since the previous version was written and I’ve made significant changes to my regimen. This new regimen has been extremely effective for me and has radically changed my view of seborrheic dermatitis and skin care in general.

Here’s a quick summary of where things stand now:

Why I’ve Changed My Approach

  • Fear that I did not fully understand my skin and that my seborrheic dermatitis may resurface at any point.
  • My previous regimen was showing signs that it was no longer as effective as it once was.

What I’m Doing Now

  • At its core, my current regimen relies on a unique blend of natural triglycerides (oils) which I apply daily (missing a few days has been fine).
  • I no longer use any cleanser or soap on any sebum-rich areas of my skin; other than a mild shampoo for my scalp/hair.
  • After the shower, I simply rinse my face with moderately cold water, wait for it to begin to air dry and massage in a drop of the oil.

What I’m Doing for My Scalp

  • For the past few years, I’ve been using a shampoo called Andalou Natural Moisture Rich Shampoo, which kept my scalp issues at bay.
  • The makers of this shampoo have recently (summer 2017) changed the formulation and the new one is no longer as effective (significantly more drying).
  • Using the same oil (as for my facial skin) has helped to offset most of the dryness scalp.
  • The future plan is to either develop a custom shampoo formulation or find a suitable Andalou replacement (ideas/suggestions welcomed).

How the Oil Developed

  • While operating this website and writing the eBook I became obsessed with truly understanding seborrheic dermatitis.
  • My new found knowledge allowed begin finally understand the patents/principles of existing treatments.
  • Through the research, I began making attempts at my own custom formulations.
  • The sub-set of formulations which utilized triglycerides (oils) demonstrated superior results and this is naturally where my focus shifted.
  • After gradual improvement, a specific formulation was isolated and this formulation is the main component of my current regimen.

The Skin Conditioning Oil

  • The oil that I use is a simple blend of specific triglycerides extracted from palm and coconut oil, sea buckthorn seed oil and vitamin E.
  • The main function of the oil is to help supplement healthy skin barrier function, while also modulating the skin’s microbial community.
  • Based on the success I’ve had with this specific oil blend, it was first made available directly to community members of SkinDrone and then under a separate brand name called BIOM8.
  • You can find out more about this formulation on it’s dedicated page over on the BIOM8 website.
  • This formulation is applicable for all areas skin (including the scalp), but my primary usage is for the facial area, ears, and hairline.

Other Important Factors of My Regimen

  • My diet is fairly relaxed, but there are certain things which I try to include daily: apples, carrots, cruciferous vegetables, enough water, and celery.
  • Another important factor in my diet is my omega 6 to 3 ratio has drastically shifted. This is without supplements, but primarily through the consumption of fresh fatty fish.
  • Eating in moderation and making sure to not overeat has been very helpful and I believe many of us may fall victim to larger portions than our bodies really need.
  • I’ve made it a habit to never inspect the skin close up and never pick any pimples or blackheads that arise.
  • I strongly believe that stress is a huge factor and do notice that my dandruff tends to act up during times of high stress.

Additional Resources

Hopefully, this may prove useful for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the above.

Update 2017: This regimen has been utilized by individuals all over the world and in the majority of cases, their outcome has paralleled my experience. However, everyone’s skin is unique and I believe knowledge is still our most valuable asset moving forward thus my work with this website continues.

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  1. Goldenberg Gary "Optimizing treatment approaches in seborrheic dermatitis." The Journal of clinical and aesthetic dermatology 6.2 (2013): 44-9. PubMed
  2. A P Adams, E M Santschi, M A Mellencamp "Antibacterial properties of a silver chloride-coated nylon wound dressing." Veterinary surgery : VS 28.4 (1999): 219-25. PubMed
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About Michael Anders

After being affected by seborrheic dermatitis, I have made it my goal to gather and organize all the information that has helped me in my journey.

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Notable Community Replies

  1. lukas says:

    Hi Michael,
    Your job here is extremely appreciated. I’ve been fighting SB for about 4 years and the best method so far was the ACV, but somehow it really dried my skin on the affected parts. Tried some lotions after but they didn’t seem to bite.

    I have now ordered Biom8 and really excited to try it out.
    How do you do after you shower? Do you put some Biom8 on then as well or do you only apply it after you have rinsed your face?

    Thanks for this awesome website!
    Kind regards

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  2. Hi Lukas,

    Personally, the ACV didn’t seem like a very good solution. I think it works as a mild anti-fungal, but I believe most of it’s potential comes from the fact that it acts as an astringent, minimizing pores and reducing sebum production. This seems to starve the malassezia. But in the end the skin tends to look quite raw as the pH shift is quite drastic.

    Thanks for giving it a shot. Hopefully it works as well for you!

    After the shower is actually the best/easiest time to apply it for me. Basically I just rinse my face with mildly cold water while showering, then by the time I’m out of the shower and in-front of the mirror it’s the perfect moisture level to apply the Biom8. Without the shower, I typically have to wait a few minutes after rinsing my face to let it air dry a bit.

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Best of luck and hope it works out.
    PS. I’m shipping it out tomorrow morning, US delivery should take about 6-8 business days (I’m in Vancouver, Canada).

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  3. mike says:

    Hey! so i’ve had issues with Seborrheic dermatitis on both the face and scalp for some time now. I generally use a generic head and shoulders for the scalp and i haven’t had any issues with dandruff for a few years. Unfortunately nothing seems to help my face in the long term, except dry weather. I moved to California for a few months and my skin cleared up immediately it was generally around 20-30% humidity but, as soon as i moved to a more humid area my skin started getting red and flaky around my nose. This is not the first time ive made a transition from humid to dry and seen really significant effects on my skin. Any ideas or insight? thanks.

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  4. Hi Mike,

    Sorry for the long delay in response.

    So far from my own understanding, humidity could provide a better environment of the yeast to proliferate and may also increase sebum production. Additionally, the humidity may cause sebaceous glands to open up and allow the malassezia to better penetrate the hair follicles. However, these are just assumptions and I haven't seen any research regarding any of these.

    However, I've been working on a book and the seborrheic dermatitis chapter is almost ready. It goes deep into explaining what seborrheic dermatitis is and how it's believed to operate. Basically, though from everything I have been reading I'm convinced that it is a result of fatty acid metabolism and synthesis issues. Will update with a link to the draft copy once it's ready. Bug me if I forget, as there are a lot of parallel conversions going on at the site.

    If you want to keep up to date check out the community. A forum has been setup for the discussion of the book and all the chapters it contains.

    All the best.

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  5. mike says:

    I would agree with almost 100% certainty that humidity is a huge factor for me. I travel a lot for periods of time up to two months and i always notice that very dry climates (under 40% relative humidity) seem to push my SD down to a dormant state. I believe whatever causes SD be it malassezia or something else struggles to survive in low humidity. I would be very interested to hear more about your findings and I hope you can figure out something definitive.

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  6. Hi Adrienne,

    Thanks for the positive feedback. Hopefully you can find something on here that resolves things completely.
    Unfortunately this coupon is no longer available as I had to cover the expenses out of pocket, which really started to add up.

    Sorry about this.
    There will be a new coupon available in the upcoming weeks for the oil free formula though.

    All the best.

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  7. minh says:

    Hi Michael,

    I have seborrheic dermatitis on my eyebrows. If I were to apply Biom8, will there be a risk where I will lose hair? I already have very thin eyebrows because of SD and I am very scared that what I have left will be gone as a side effect (clogging of hair follicles).
    Also, another silly question, is this Biom8 intended to be a daily routine to keep SD away as long as I continue to use it or is it suppose to be short term until “cured” kinda thing? Thank you!

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  8. saima says:

    hi michael,

    Is this good for tinea veriscolor as well? I also have sebborric dermatitis mildly on my face and scalp. What do you think is causing it? I used to eat horribly and I drank lots of caffeinated beverages. I am trying to find a solution and right now my skin is feeling so dry after I applied Braggs apple cider vinegar. Please help!

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  9. max says:


    First of all, I’d like to thank you for putting this site together, it is awesome and the way you go through all the different treatments, etc, is very informing.

    I would like to ask what has been the best method for you to reduce the redness on the face?

    I went to see a doctor about my skin about a year ago for the first time, and was given tetracycline, it worked really well at first and cleared my skin completely. However, towards the end of this summer the redness started coming back on the same spots and flakes quickly followed. I went to see an actual dermatologist this time, he told me I had seborhheic dermatitis and gave me a prescription of low-dosage isotretinoin and a cream where the active ingredient is metronidazol.

    I think it is the isotretinoin that has worked extremely well, and I don’t get any flaking anymore and my skin is not itchy at all. The only problem I have these days is purely cosmetical, and it is that the redness has managed to stay.

    Any recommendations?

    Thank you in advance!

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  10. Hey Michael, I wanted to order the 100ml bottle of biom8 today but the site said it was on backorder. Im just wondering if you have any idea for how long it will be until it is back in stock or if I burly it now, how long the entire shipping process would take with the product being on backorder, thanks.

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  11. I had severe seboris dermatitis for some time now . After seeing this site i would like to try ur biom8 oil :slight_smile: but how do i order or buy it ? I am stsying in malaysia And been looking around all pharmacy but no luck. Please… how do i get one of it ?

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  12. eze says:

    Hey Michael,

    I’ve heard really good things about your product from another person online. We’re both suffering from Seb Derm and are talking about solutions.

    Would you happen to ship to South Korea? I really want to try your product as I’ve heard really good things so far.

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  13. tom says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve just ordered the skin conditioning oil. Do you know roughly how long to get to the UK?

    kind regards,

    Tom Worrall

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  14. Hi Saima,

    Can’t say for sure as most users who currently use it have seborrheic dermatitis specifically. However, in my research I did come across tinea veriscolor and the main culprit behind it does appear to be the malassezia as well. In theory it should work for it as well since it’s main objective is regulating the microbial community of the skin. However, there is realistically only one way to really find out.

    Overall there appear to be many factors which cause seborrheic dermatitis and these can vary from individual to individual. There is lot’s to cover and the best thing you can do is educate yourself about the condition and what may be causing it for you. With enough knowledge you can decide for yourself what the best approach would be specifically for you. A good place to start are the chapters drafts of the book I’ve been working on:

    Lot’s of different aspects are covered.
    Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

    All the best.

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  15. eze says:

    I heard about it from someone on Reddit. I accidentally stumbled upon him mentioning Seb Derm and we’ve kept in contact over the past few months. We’ve been sharing ideas on how to stop the seb derm. we both have the issue of losing weight as we know sugar and even basic carbs seems to flare it up. He mentioned your product and said it was the best thing he’s tried so far.

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  16. nisha says:

    Hi Michael, I m sffering with dandruff last from 8 year after my first delivery. But during my second time pregnancy in 2013 I diagnosed with Seb derm. I used steroids.That time was horrible for me because I could find that flacky itchy red greedy skin every where means around my nose, ear, eye brows etc. But after little bit study I tried tea tree oil drops diluted with water. That didn’t work for me but I got some relaxation from inflammation in my scalp. Then I massage my head directly with tea tree oil. I continued this practice for two months mean twice a week I did massage on my head. I got very good results Now i was free with scalp problem.i put that oil directly on my face I got better results but problem is this when I changed my shampoo and used conditioner it came up again. I used Vichy shampoo it is great for Seb derm. So if I don’t use tea tree oil or I changed my shampoo it come in very bad condition. Now suggest me what I do?

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  17. Hi Eze,

    Thanks for the update and letting me know.

    Previously I also had a strong belief that excessive carbs and sugar played a huge role. I was avoiding bread, noodles, rice and lots of other things. Once I started to actually learn about the condition from a medical point of view I became much more flexible in dietary choices.

    If you haven’t yet feel free to check out the current chapter drafts for a book I’ve been working on:

    Best of luck and hope you get things under control.

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  18. Hi Jamie,

    It’s ready, but I’m waiting for the first batch of inventory to arrive.
    However, I haven’t really been able to test it since my seborrheic dermatitis has gone away from using the original Biom8.

    For initial orders I will likely either offer a large discount or simply add it to order of original formula as a sample.

    Will update as soon as it’s ready to be shipped.

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  19. hakan says:

    Hi all,

    I just found the most important article on treating the cause of skin problems, that I have come across in 10 years.

    Clinical and investigative studies confirm that supplementation with a combination of flaxseed, borage and fish oils at the correct dosages during ca two months, is an important step to improving skin texture, skin complexion and the treatment of certain skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis and some cases of acne), due to their effects on promoting the production of prostaglandins PG-1 and PG-3 in the skin.

    Processed foods like sugar and alcohol and so on promotes the procuction of PG-2 which makes the skin red, dra, scaly and infected.

    I will try to find the correct dosage for this and go for it a few months. Will get back with results.

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  20. donna says:

    Hi Kay,
    I wear makeup to work everyday and have not had any problem using the BIOM8 with it.
    What I do is I wash my face with cool water in the morning and apply a tiny bit of BIOM8 as per Michaels instructions while my face is still slightly damp, massaging it in well (my problem skin is around my nose and chin so thats where I put the most BIOM8. I only give my forehead a quick swipe because I find my makeup can get a little shiny in that area if I put too much there). I wait a short while for it to absorb then apply my makeup. I bought the large bottle of BIOM8 (250mls) so use that to remove my makeup as well. Also use it as a moisturiser over my whole body straight after a shower again whilst skin is still slightly damp. I too was told not to use oils on Seb. Derm but find BIOM8 is an exception, my skin is clear after a very long time and has been for approx. 2 months. Good luck :slight_smile: PS. I use an oil free makeup made especially for sensitive skin.

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  21. I’m curious, what brand of make-up do you use?
    I’m wondering if my make-up/sunscreen ingredients are making mine worse…


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  22. I’m curious if there is a difference in plant based omega 3s and fish based omega 3s.

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  23. ian says:

    Got my BIOM8 oil today. Thanks, Michael!

    For those who suffer from seborrheic dermatitis with concomitant acne (as I am), the BIOM8 oil contains Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil which is a lightweight oil with a high amount of linoleic acid. Studies have shown that oils with greater percentages of linoleic acid are beneficial for acne-prone skin. Sebum composition in acne-prone skin has been found to have a higher percentage of oleic acid and is deficient in linoleic acid compared to the sebum composition in healthy skin.


    So it should help both conditions, which is important because some treatments of seborrheic dermatitis and acne can conflict.

    Will let you know if I see improvements over the coming weeks.



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  24. Hi Ian,

    The Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil was included because I believe it has good potential to improve rate of skin healing.

    An ingredient of the oil, palmitoleic acid, is a component of skin. It is considered a valuable topical agent in treating burns and healing wounds. This fatty acid can also nourish the skin when taken orally if adequate quantities of sea buckthorn or its oil are consumed; this is a useful method for treating systemic skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis (14). The only other major plant source of palmitoleic acid is macadamia nuts; the oil is used to nourish the skin. Sea buckthorn oil is already widely used alone or in various preparations topically applied for burns, scalds, ulcerations, and infections.

    In Russia it use commonly used in skin care and is one of the more famous oils for this purpose.

    When combined in a specific ratio with the medium chain triglycerides it allows the skin to obtain the benefits of the Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, while also protecting the oil from the malassezia.

    A good analogy would be the preservation of food with salt. Without an adequate concentration of salt the food would susceptible to microbial colonization. But when the amount of sodium is adequate microbial colonization is prevented and the food remains safe for consumption.

    Base on this I strongly believe that as long as malassezia is controlled, the skin is able to benefit from the Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil. This should then improve skin barrier function and help secure long term progress.

    If you not seeing any results with over 3 weeks of usage, my theory would be that either:

    • You are experiencing SD due to specific strain of malassezia which is immune to the anti-fungal fatty acids
    • Your seborrheic dermatitis may not be caused by malassezia at all (would be interesting to hear your results with the Demodex treatment)
    • Another user reported no results from the Skin Condition Oil in her fight against Folliculitis (also believed to be caused by malassezia), but has had much better success with the Probiotic Repair Spray

    Additionally, one thing to really consider is the amount of stress you may be introducing into your daily life by following such an extensive skin care regimen. I believe that sometimes just letting go and reducing things to a bare minimal can have a drastic results. This is obviously not the case for everyone, but one user has reported complete clearance of seborrheic dermatitis after being put on anti-depressants. Starting anti-depressants isn't really the best solution, but it's an example of how powerful the mental factor may be in the progression of skin conditions. A large section of the SkinDrone book is dedicated to discussing this.

    Here is a snippet from a fairly large study:

    Depression was two to three times more prevalent in acne patients than in the general population, with a reported 8.8% of acne patients having clinical depression. The majority of cases of depression and antidepressant therapy utilization were observed in acne patients aged 18 and over with the highest percentage in the 36–64 age group. Approximately 65.2% of the acne patient population was female, with twice as many reported to have depression as males (10.6% females vs. 5.3% males).

    Let me know what you think. Best of luck and hope you finally manage to see some results.

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  25. Hi Michael,

    Been a while since i have been here, but wow! Great work!!

    Will definitley try your new product, but was wondering firstly. Do you have any experience with the drug Roaccutane / Accutane on the SD?

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  26. eze says:

    SEB DERM Brothers/Sisters.

    I have found a cure for those who suffer food related Seb Derm!


    My triggers are foods, Sugars, Histamines, and Hot liquids. I have been taking MSM megadoses about 4.5g a day and I have not broken out. My skin and existing redness has virtually disappeared. The deep redness is gone and I have been able to eat all foods without reactions. In addition some of the inflammation in the rest of my body has been released. I feel amazing and I HAVE to share this cure with everyone.

    Please Please Please. I beg you my fellow sufferers try this. It has also been shown to have significant benefits for Rosacea sufferers too. There’s also no known toxicity level for MSM, and Sulfur is the 3rd most common element in the body. It’s involved in many active mechanisms in the body including carb metabolism which is the main reason I started taking it.

    Why this helps? There are multiple theories including Methylation, Carb metabolism, candida elimination and liver improvement. I don’t know and frankly am not qualified to hypothesize the real reason it works. I took it because I had deuodneum ulcers and thought I might have H pylori. So I took about 3mg and on a fluke I ate a heavy carb dinner. This would DEFINITELY break me out the next day but nothing happened. I have been testing a week now and I am completely cure and I have been abusing my body with all my seb derm triggers.

    PLEASE give it a try and DEFINITELY respond if it works or doesn’t work!!!

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  27. Hi Eze,

    Thank you for sharing you experience.

    My experience with MSM was quite different. When I tried it I got really stuffed up (nose got clogged up and face felt kind of puffy). Took it for about two weeks in total, didn’t see much change in SD and all stuffiness went away once I stopped taking it.

    The brand I used is the same one you mentioned in the your next comment (Doctors Best).

    Also, there is a previous comment here a bit earlier regarding MSM. Their experience is the complete opposite and MSM is actually blamed for causing SD in the first place. So that is something to consider as well. Here is a direct link to that comment: Another Readers Experience With MSM.

    Additionally, as noted in my response to that readers comment, the MSM sold in jars is synthesized in a lab. It is not extracted from anything nor is it made using any fermentation process. So this is also something to keep in mind.

    Hope your results continue.
    All the best and thanks again for sharing.

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  28. nic says:

    I decided to try MSM only yesterday and I’ve noticed a big improvement in my skin! Normally I’d notice that the skin on my eyebrows would produce faster than usual (which somehow led to a bit of hair loss whenever I washed them). Unfortunately biom8 didn’t work for my skin very much and no other topical treatments have worked for me either. I’ve only been taking MSM tablets for 2 days now but I’m quite sure it’s made an improvement to my skin. The skin on my forehead is smoother and I don’t see as much hair loss. I definitely have to give it more time and I’ll update on any progress. I only realize now that my problem has something to do with what I’m eating, or what I’m not eating, I’m really not too sure. But anyway, best of luck to everyone! I’ll update again after a while.

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  29. Well i am half way into the 6 month worth of pills. The sebum production has dramatically decreased and I’m basically drying up from he inside to the outside. The effect on my SD is still unknown as a side effect of these pills are extremely dry lips, eyes and skin. So i am flaking a lot due to the dry skin, hence difficult to see the effect on my SD.

    Think i will try your BIOM8 for the first time. Try it on a small area of my face now while im on the Roaccutane cure and try in full once im done with the pills and my skin is back to my normal SD skin so to say:)

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  30. hakan says:

    Hi Eze

    How are thing going with the milk thistle?

    Interesting to read your info on gut, liver, allergi and sinus. Are you having sinus issues?

    I have a chronic sinus issue. I think it started as a child when I was jumping and playing in hay at my grand mothers Hi Eze

    How are thing going with the milk thistle?

    Interesting to read your info on gut, liver, allergi and sinus. Are you having sinus issues?

    I have a chronic sinus issue. I think it started as a child when I was jumping and playing in hay all summers.

    I keep my SD in control by avoiding sugar, alcohol, gluten and processed foods. Outdoor activities works great to. I only use water based topical probiotics on face and wash it with water only.

    I’m starting the John Vale skin clear programme 25th of January. Will come back with updates.

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  31. chris says:

    Hi again Michael,

    I’m glad you may have found a long term solution with the Biom8.

    I just wanted to let you know of my own progress. I have SD around my nose (the butterfly) and below it too. It is closely correlated with eating trigger foods such as red meat, soy sauce, vinegar, and spicy foods. I have mostly controlled it by avoiding those foods.

    I am currently travelling in Thailand and therefore I am using a lot of sunblock on my face to avoid burning. Well, what do you know? – I don’t have any SD. I think it matters what kind of sunblock I’m using: a natural zinc-based sunblock and not the oxybenzone, etc type that are more common in mainstream brands. My sunblock was bought in a health food store. I know you mentioned another zinc-based cream was helpful for SD so I wonder if zinc is key. My sunblock has 8% zinc oxide and 8% titanium oxide in it. I only use a tiny amount on my face so I’m not white at all. Maybe slightly shiny from the natural oils in the cream.

    I’m eating a lot of spicy food here in Thailand as you can imagine and so far, my skin has been completely clear. I’m not sure if it could be something else but I can’t think of anything else that I’m doing differently.

    Anyway, I thought I would share that.

    All the best,

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  32. alexey says:

    Hi, Michael.

    I live in Russia, I’m 28 and I have SD.

    Maybe I don’t know English well but I’ll try to speak because I need it.

    I have SD for a year. It’s on my forehead (the biggest part of SD), my right cheek and maybe its little parts everywhere on my face and right below my ears but they are not visible most of the time.
    My SD is followed by a acne everywhere as mentioned above. I haven’t dandruff or same with my scalp except couple of pimples here and there. My SD isn’t dry but very oily. There is nothing about dryness at all, by the way.
    I have a hair loss on a forehead and nowhere else (I hope so).
    Also, I do not shave the face so the beard and mustache can hide the appearance of the disease. I also have a forelock on my forehead to hide the redness and pimples on it, but with hair loss the situation can get worse and I’ll have to wear a hat always and everywhere in public.

    All of the dermatologists prescribes steroid creams for two weeks and then some unsuccessful treatment such as zinc pyrithione and other doubtful meds.

    For now I’m using that steroid cream and some of those prescriptions (don’t know why) for about 6-7 months almost without interruption. Every time the first reaction on revocation of steroid cream is rapid redness and progressive acne (sorry, don’t know how to say it).

    I hate that acne more than redness and I want to get rid of it before it ruin my marriage, my life, my career and my assurance.

    I have just couple of questions to you.

    How to cancel use steroid creams right now but before I can get your BIOM8 if it’s possible?

    It’s shipping of BIOM8 to Russia is possible?

    I want to cancel all of my current “therapy” and start treatment from the beginning but with brand new therapy.

    What to use with BIOM8 and how necessary it is?

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  33. hakan says:


    It’s hard to find any scientific proof for what Eze is saying.

    Not having sex is not the cure for SD.

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  34. eze says:

    Lol there’s no scientific proof for anything. I wouldn’t have to theorize and test on myself if any of us could go to a doctor with “scientific proof”.

    Sorry but I’m not waiting for “scientific proof” of anything before I start curing my Seb Derm. If I’m going to wait for a double blind clinical trial for our problems we might be dead before that time.

    Look, I’m not saying don’t have children because you’re afraid of wasting your seed. All I’m saying as a chronic masturbator my seb derm got worse. I’ve stopped for about 2 weeks now and I’ve noticed improvements. The MSM, Milk thistle, and nofap has been a miracle so far. I haven’t had a flare up in the last two weeks AND I ate a whole bunch of trigger foods including histamines (mushrooms) and spicy foods with high carbs. No flare up.

    Just experiment on yourself. I don’t know what works for everybody so I’m trying to be helpful and share my findings.

    But by no means is what I’m doing scientific. But I wouldn’t be a fool either and wait around for a scientific journal or a doctor to help you. Because 1) Theres not that much money in seb derm so you aren’t going to get funded research anytime soon and 2) The research they have done has still been inconclusive.

    BTW. The MSM and Milk thistle HAVE actually been documented to help Rosacea, which is pretty much exactly the same for many seb derm sufferers.

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  35. janis says:


    I developed SD on my scalp and ears for the first time in my life in December of 2015 and have been struggling to find good information. There are a lot of contradictions out there and my dermatologist prescribed steroids which made my ears bleed. I am very frustrated as this has been going on for months. I see that you say you use the Biom8 on your ears, but I don’t see posts from any other people who have used it in that area. Do you have any feedback from people who use it on the ears?

    Thank you for this website.

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  36. donna says:

    Hi there,
    I have used BIOM8 on my ears. Actually my right ear which is the only ear I get it in (a mystery in itself!). I did’nt mention it in my profile because it’s a rare occurrence. My main areas were around my nose and on my chin. They are still free from itching and flaking with daily use of BIOM8. When I feel any itching or burning around my ear, I immediately put some lotion on it and it goes very quickly. I get mine on the skin just inside the ear but not in the ear canal. Hope this is helpful.
    Hope this is helpful.

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  37. Hi Michael, Thanks for your response to my questions. My daughter developed SD on her scalp and ear right after taking antibiotics for 24 days. When I went to him for her scalp, he prescribed antibiotics again and her scalp has since spiraled out of control and I can’t seem to control it. In your opinion is her condition somehow related to the antibiotics? I only ask because you mentioned her intestinal microflora. When I asked my doctor if the SD could have been induced by the antibiotics, he said he had never heard of that before. I am patiently waiting to see a dermatologist and have her on very good probiotics in the meantime. I read that she was too young to have it caused by Malassezia so I’m hoping for some answers…ugh!

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  38. Hi Priyanka,

    Currently the only place to get Biom8 is online through the website:
    Hoping to have it available in stores sometime soon, but doubt that they would make it on the Indian market anytime soon (Canada and USA will likely be first).

    On a side note - international shipping is about $11 and usually takes about 10-12 business days for orders to arrive.

    Hope that helps and you can finally something that works for you.
    All the best.

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  39. hakan says:

    Hi Michael

    Except from a healthy lifestyle I use your probiotic spray after showering. It still works great for me!

    I highly recommend the spray to those that have issues with topical oils like myself. Any oil makes my condition to get worse.

    I’m still trying to find the ‘early research’ again that stated that there are different types of SD. This is probably similar to the different fungis/bacterias/microbes etc. that your are writing about in your posts Michael.

    Thanks again Michael for all the help you’re providing us with.


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  40. mark says:

    Hi guys, new to the website, but what a great website it is. Loads of concise info and advice.

    I have had SD for a couple of years, currently only around my nose. I know that it appears there are definitely different triggers of SD and probably different compositions of it which is why some people have success with some treatments and not others.

    I seem to really suffer in the winter, in the last 3 winters I have had IBS, ( I am in the UK so it gets cold !!) Then 2 years ago, I got the rash on the face.
    I have a stressful job which sees me sat at a computer for hours on end so when I read this website, I literally was a walking time bomb for this condition, stressful job, no sunlight, issues with digestion.

    I have decided to see this is a positive turning point in my life, improve my diet, reduce my stress, get more time outdoors which will ultimately hopefully lead to get rid of my SD. I think Michael you are definitely right about a lot of it being to do with your thoughts, if I spend a lot of time worrying about the rash or even staring in the mirror looking at it, I can physically make it’s appearance worse just by doing this.

    I have a question, I went on holiday last week to a much warmer climate. I got there about 5pm, had one meal, a quick dip on the pool. By the middle of the next morning so I had been there for less than 24 hours, my SD had 95% cleared up !! I know there are a lot of theories about different water, or food, or the sun helping with SD but I don’t think I was there long enough for this to kick in so quickly. So my theory is the stress reduction. Anyone have any thoughts on this ? Also does anyone else have IBS, I wonder if this is common in people with SD, thanks for listening,

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  41. hi there, i’m glad that Biom8 works for you!!! I am using it too, cannot tell if it works for me but at least it’s the mildest moisturizer that my sensitive skin can tolerate… everything else irritates it.

    I have a question, I really wonder how people with seb derm remove the scaly buildup? I refuse to use any steroid/antifungal topical, but the flaky/scaly skin is still there and I really don’t know what to do with it. And when the scales become thickening I feel Biom8 cannot penetrate through it to moisturize my skin anymore… Please help?

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  42. Hi Håkan,

    Hope all is well. Sorry for the huge delay in getting back to your comment.
    From the literature, malassezia is the most common fungus which is usually noted as responsible for seborrheic dermatitis. Yet in some individuals, skin biopsies reveal different bacteria/fungus causing symptoms visually identical.
    Here are some examples:

    Seborrheic dermatitis-like tinea faciei.
    Demodex Dermatitis
    Hand-Foot Syndrome and Seborrheic Dermatitis-Like Rash Induced by Sunitinib in a Patient With Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma

    Additionally, the eBook is making it’s way onto the website. Hoping to have it more open and to really integrate discussion into the concepts.

    Hope you are well and your skin keeps improving.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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  43. A number of people who have determined that they are mercury toxic have this condition. I am wondering if there are many with the condition who don’t yet know they are mercury toxic and who therefore don’t realise that if and when they get rid of the mercury in their bodies the condition may improve or completely resolve?

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  44. Micheal,

    I’ve just found your website and intend to peruse it thoroughly. I have been diagnosed with sebhorraic dermatits. About 3 years ago in the fall I noticed red scaly patches all over my head, forehead and they started covering my upper body. At the time I was battling an infection in my tooth and waiting until I could get a root canal then get off the anti bacterial drugs I had been on, so I thought it was a reaction to the drugs as I know I"m allergic to certain drugs used to combat bladder infections and the like (can’t remember right now what they are called - sulpha drugs?) anyhow, once the tooth was taken care of and I’d been off the drugs more than a month, the skin condition was not going away so I saw a doctor. She gave me ketaconazole shampoo. The ‘rash’ was not even but rather patches were anywhere from a dime size to about the size of my palm. They went away in the early spring so I thought I was good.
    Last fall they began again and I got the ketaconazole shampoo. THe condition was apparently managed well enough that it stayed on my scalp, ears, forehead - but my eyes looked like I’d been hit - dark circles, puffiness, crepiness - felt like I’d suddently hit 60 and I’m not even 50 yet! I also experienced hair loss which I hadn’t previously so I was quite upset. I decreased used of shampoo to every other day’s shower and massively over-indulged in conditioner leaving it as much as I dared in my hair. I also began to replace shampooing with application of Apple Cider Vinegar so was really only shampooing about twice a week and vinegar twice a week with lots of conditioner.
    It was again about mid-spring when I noticed relief. Hair regrowth, no more dandruff or itchiness - the eyes were getting much better after much moisturizing. But I’ve dreaded the onset of fall.
    THis past weekend, I noticed what I thought were bug bites on my forehead but now I think it’s the SD beginning again and I’m beside myself. I don’t want to look awful and itch and have dandruff - my eyes are just beginning to look normal again.
    I will be spending some time on this site over the next few days and trying to figure out what to do. I haven’t seemed to pickup that other’s experience this SD stuff on a seemingly seasonal basis like I do - is it constant for you?
    As I said I’ll be poking around this site the next couple of days looking for ideas about what to do. If I have questions I’ll come back. If there’s any information I can share to help come to any solutions for this I’m happy to share anything I can to build a basket of possible clues.

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  45. paul says:

    I am a long time sufferer of Seborrheic Dermatitis and after using the Skin Drone website as my go-to for help I feel compelled to write down some of my experiences to hopefully give people hope and suggestions on how to deal with this.

    I’ve had this for nearly 20 years and it started with a tiny red spot below one of my eyes which I thought was just some kind of rash which would go away in time. I was told to change the soap I was using as perhaps it was too harsh for my skin - at this early stage I had no idea about how using soap on your face could possibly be a problem. Needless to say the rash did not go away and another dime sized spot appeared below my other eye and then more redness on either side of my nose creating my first visit to a dermatologist and the beginning of many treatments with zero long term solutions.

    I was diagnosed with SD and given the usual steroid creams and hydrocortisone which had short term help but long term side effects which I didn’t really pay attention to at the time - I just wanted to control the redness and didn’t care about the side effects. My SD was limited to my face although I did get the dandruff too but for me this was easily controlled with Head and Shoulders antidandruff with pyrithione zinc. My dermatologist also told me to try using the H&S on my hair and then let it slowly run down my face to cure the SD on my face. Also was told to put the shampoo directly on my effected parts of my face to get rid of redness and neither methods worked for me.

    I got into the habit of applying steroid cream and hydrocortisone on my face everyday and after a few desperate months of doing this I noticed even more redness appearing on my cheeks which seemed odd as my research had always told me that this disease mainly attacks the t-zone. Upon further investigation I found that I had steroid induced rosacea due to using these products too much. I had to stop using all the steroid cream and hydrocortisone and was at a loss at how to control this ongoing condition. More trips to the dermatologist with little help at all, lots of surfing the internet for advice and possible breakthrough treatments with no luck. Needless to say I have given up on dermatologists as I don’t believe this can be cured by any kind of drugs they can provide you with, just my personal opinion.

    I don’t want to make this too long but fast forward to today and I can tell you what has helped me in my struggle to contain, but not cure this disease. I believe this is is something I’ll have to deal with for the rest of my life and am okay with it as I have found a method to control it so that I can go about my daily life with relative normalcy.

    I believe that stress, food and heat are the main three factors that create flare ups for me personally. I try to dress as cooly as possible at all times and avoid heavy sweaters and thick clothing as well as being in any kind of central heating which severely dries my skin and causing problems for me. As this is a problem wherein your oil glands are constantly over producing oil I figured that if you dry out your skin its going to produce even more oil to combat the dryness. I also try not to wear anything on my head for an extended period of time - although when I run I do wear a cap - I try not to cover my head which just makes my entire body hot. This can be challenging as we all live in different climates, so this is just my personal experience.

    Running for me is a great way to sweat and clear out my pores and I try and get out about three times a week. I try to run outdoors and not in a stuffy gym as I believe in the health benefits of a small dose of sunshine although when the weather is not cooperating I do not have a choice but to go to the gym. If i do find myself in the gym I always head towards the fan or close to the AC vent to keep my body as cool as possible whilst I work out. Exercise in general goes hand in hand in helping me contain this issue and I just feel like getting a good sweat on helps me destress too.

    I started reading the Skin Drone a couple years back now and have experimented with most of the methods that have been presented by both the author and people in the comments section. I have tried the ACV method which didn’t really work for me. I tried using it as is, as well as diluting it with water but I saw no immediate results so I abandoned that method. I do believe that longevity is the key with any method you try and perhaps I didn’t give it enough of a chance. As people so often say with this disease what works for one person quite often does not work for others. I tried various other methods of treatment including washing my face with sea salt water, not washing my face at all, not moisturizing at all and many other desperate methods to clear up my face, all of which failed me.

    I then started looking at my diet and thinking back to when my skin was at its worst and what I had done the day or night before and tried to find a connection. I found that after eating a big meal in the evening before I went to bed I would often find that my skin would look worse in the morning. I concluded that if you have a big meal shortly before you go to bed your body has not had the time to digest the food so it does all the digestion whilst you are sleeping. I decided to focus on have bigger lunches and smaller dinners and this seemed to help me.

    I’ve added coconut oil into my diet on a small scale - I’ll cook with it whenever possible, I went through a stage when I applied it directly to my skin but that didn’t work out so well for me either. I’ve cut down my sugar intake too and went through a stage where I cut wheat out of my diet as I believe many people have said that yeast plays a role in this disease. The dieting lasted a few months with no positive results for my skin. I honestly think that the food I am putting in my body is not the culprit as I eat relatively healthy but if you’re drinking loads of sodas and junk food everyday you may have a bigger problem.

    I also found that drinking alcohol makes your body hot so naturally that would dry out my skin and make me look even worse. I thus curbed my drinking and although I still drink whatever I want I have made some choices to help with this issue. I will often choose the lightest beer available when in the past I didn’t even care to look at the alcohol content. I also drink red wine on occasion and will always have a glass of water next to me and be sure to drink extra water before I go to bed to balance out any of the alcohol I have put into my system earlier. Water is the key to hydration and I never leave home without a big bottle of water which I will swig on all day long. Some people would look at my skin in the past and tell me I was just dehydrated and needed to drink more water but those people had no idea about the skin disease I was dealing with. Drinking water won’t make this go away but it may assist in regulating the temperature of your body and keeping you hydrated.

    Stress is a tough one to deal with as everyone has different things going on in their life, be it work or family issues to deal with. Its hard to tell someone to eliminate stress from their lives as having this disease is stressful enough, it can even keep you from leaving the house. Unfortunately I don’t have any advice on how to manage the stresses you may have in your life but I do believe that in periods of stress you can have some bad flare ups. I have been told to try yoga as a means to destress and unwind and have yet to try but have only heard good things about it.

    I have used many different face washes and moisturizes to try and deal with this issue and I would not have enough time to try and write them all down and am not sure I want to start mentioning names of brands as I don’t think that would be fair. The bottom line for me was to try and choose a soap free, non comedogenic face wash and avoid anything that had harsh chemicals in it. There are many of these on the market and after lots of trial and ever I finally found something that has given me some good results. Thanks to this website I decide to try a milk based formula which has been very successful for me so far.

    Next up was finding a moisturizer which follows a similar path, my main goal was to find something which was alcohol free, not actually sure why but this was what I had figured out in my head - sometimes by a process of elimination you come to a decision and this was mine. I have tried so many different textures of moisturizer - tinted, gel, oil free, zinc based, with spf, matte finish, thick, thin and the list goes on. I would sometimes have good results for a few months and then things would go back to normal.

    I finally found a moisturizer that worked for me and had been using it with much success in combination with my face wash for about 6 months when I noticed my red areas slowly starting to reappear and this is where my help from the Skin Drone website came in. I had ordered the BIOM8 oil a few months back and started using it on my skin as instructed. I was waiting for instant results as I’m sure most of you do when something arrives in the mail that many people have been raving about. Due to my impatience and perhaps the moisturizer I was using at the time I had little success with the BIOM8 and decided to shelf it along with the 100’s of other products I have done that to in my life. Now was the time to go back to the BIOM8 and give it a second chance and be more patient as I was sure I had found the right face wash, moisturizer and daily lifestyle to deal with my SD.

    Its been about 8 months now and I have been using the BIOM8 in combination with my face wash and moisturizer and I firmly believe that this is the key to getting my skin back to where it was many years ago. Most of the ingredients in the BIOM8 I have at one stage in my life used on there own in some form or another with little success, but this product seems to have combined all those ingredients to create something that finally and magically helps heal my skin. I use it in the evening before I go to bed and it has been a life saver for me.

    I was using it both in the morning and evening initially as I was so excited with the good results I couldn’t get enough of it but logic told me that too much of a good thing would be a bad thing so I stopped the twice a day usage and went back to the evening application only which is where I’m at now. I was using a q-tip at first and putting the oil on it and then dabbing it on my skin but I found that most of the oil would get absorbed before it made it to my skin. Now I just pump the oil into the palm of my hand and dab it on my face with my finger.

    I just wanted to thank the Skin Drone for developing this product that has given me hope and possibly a long term solution for my SD. The struggle is real for everyone out there dealing with this issue and I hope that you find something of substance that you can take away from this website to help combat this disease.

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  46. Greetings!
    I had flareups once every 3-4 days in the mustache,beard nasal area, under the eyes next to my cheeks, GOD it was so frustrating.
    i didn’t understood what was happening, i even had a food diet in the past half an year, lost almost 15 kg, everyone was concerned about me. I refused to go out with my friends, tensions have arisen between me and my girlfriend, because i was upset all the time.
    After a lot of research, topics and so on, i found on youtube some persons that recomanded biom8.I bought it.
    On 4th july 2019 arrived, on 5th i start using it. For now my flareups are gone, some small flakes that i brush in the morning, its a relief. i can smile, i can go out. i wish all the best for you !.we keep in touch!

    This formula should be passed for future generations! its a legacy! :slight_smile:

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