My Seborrheic Dermatitis Skin Regimen

A few people have inquired about my current seborrheic dermatitis skin regimen. If you look at my site I have not updated in a while. This is due to a busy time in life and the fact that I have finally stopped actively seeking solutions for my seborrheic dermatitis.

The solution to seborrheic dermatitis below has been working for me, so I will leave it here for everyone.
Basically my current method of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis it is quite simple and straight forward.

My regimen has changed significantly, my new regimen can be found here: My Seborrheic Dermatitis Regimen 2.0

These are the main points of my regimen:

  • Stopped using all regular anti dandruff shampoos
    • currently wash my hair with some non foaming whole foods shampoo (took about a week to adjust).
  • Each morning, first thing in the morning a drink a bit of water followed by a cup of water with one teaspoon of pure L-Glutamine powder – see edit below.
    • after consuming the glutamine I typically wait at least 20-30 minutes before eating.
    • not sure, but I think this has been a big part of the solution
  • Every single night (unless I am really, really lazy) I cleanse with Cetaphil Restoraderm Cleanser, let skin somewhat dry and apply Cetaphil Resoraderm Lotion.
    • I got these two as samples from a random doctor visit, she said she has an issue with seb derm in the past and these helped
    • They work really well for me and the lotion especially knocks out all redness
    • Before I’ve tried many commercial and holistic products and for me nothing controlled the redness as good as this
    • Since my first sample I went to see the same lady and she gave me enough sample packs to last till next year 🙂 (my guess is you can get sample packs from many places around your location)
    • If i miss a day things are okay, I personally get scared just because things used to be so bad (this also goes for morning glutamine) and I’m afraid of my results reversing
  • Use 100% cotton cover for my pillow
  • Apply topical iodine to my wrists every couple days (someone explained to me that iodine is the reason ocean and sea water helps) – see edit below.
    • My theory is that applied topically it might soak into my skin and circulate through the body
    • It’s hard to say what exact effect it has had, but it helped me before I started using the glutamine and Cetaphil above.
  • Eat lots of protein mainly from Chicken and Fish

Maybe I don’t need to cleanse anymore. However, I am really scared to go back to having seborrheic dermatitis so I just stick with it.

So that’s about it. My skin has been behaving quite well. No crust, or redness. Sometimes the nasal folds get a little tingly and a tiny bit red, but it does not go further than that. A tiny flake might also come from the inside of nasal fold, but I’ve seen this on many normal people and it is never really noticeable, so it does not bother me.

If you end up trying my method please let me know how it works for you. Would be interesting to see if you get the same results.

EDIT 2014/09/22:

I’ve actually stopped applying the iodine as I eat lots of fish now. Don’t really think I need it anymore.

EDIT 2015/02/11:

I’ve actually stopped taking glutamine about a month or two ago. I’m not really a fan of supplements and I suspected I had taken it long enough. Overall I went through about 1000g of it (about 5-6 months of daily use), so maybe it patched things up well enough. Still have a second tub, so if anything changes I’ll leave another update.

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