Major Updates Ahead

Hi Everyone,

Some major updates ahead.

Past few months have been all about research. Hundreds of research articles later I believe I’m finally making some progress.

My New Routine and BIOM8 Announcment

Unfortunately the Restoraderm had started to loose some effectiveness for me. So, I started experimenting again. What came out of these experiments, is my very own ointment. Its as basic as possible and only contains two ingredients (both of which are edible).

Interested in Giving it a Try?

Even though it’s been extremely effective for me, it still needs testing by the community in order to really know how well it works for the majority. If you would like to try it out, it’s available at and initial testers can use the coupon code skindrone for $10 off (basically you just need to cover shipping). The specifics of how I use it will be published on SkinDrone soon and a link will be sent out.

Seborrheic Dermatitis The Missing Manual – Book Update

The book is slowly being written as well, it aims to not only describe what seborrheic dermatitis is, but also helping people understand how their bodies work. And understanding out bodies, can help us discover our own issues and allow us to better deal with the onslaught of dis-information found online. So far 3 chapters for the book have been written, however they still need major editing. You can access the drafts of these chapters through Google Drive:

Digestion Chapter (
Omega Chapter (
Skin Chapter (

Sorry for the formatting, it’s a called MarkDown and not well suited for Google Docs.

All The Best Everyone!