Some questions...

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    Some questions...

    Hello to the group! I was a week late starting (I was off the grid) but was able to combine week one and week two. I do have a few questions. I cook with olive oil and use olive oil for salad dressing – is this considered a vegetable oil? At the suggestion of a skin specialist – eliminated dairy – therefore I do use almond milk – and there is a comment about reducing nuts…is this a problem? In general, it is a fairly easy diet to follow – although apples are not technically in season – there is so much good fruit out there right now. Is there a reason it is specifically apples? I am excited to try this and it is a livable diet. I love veggies and fish and certainly does not seem too disruptive. However, I have tried many, many diets to deal with my SD but alas – it is usually shampoo that will only cut it. (mine is contained to my head – though can be severe). Good luck everyone! I hope to hear some answers.

    • M, my SD is also on my scalp and I am wondering what shampoo you use that you find helps with it?

      • Hi Sharon, I mix up my shampoos on the recommendation of my dermatologist – one that seems more successful than the others is Dermazinc. I ran out and did not use it for while and it definitely got worse. Also, when I have to I use a prescription one from the dermatologist about once a week for a longer period of time on my head. At the moment, I have had an uptick in my dermatitis which could seasonal – it seems to pick up in summer. I wish I knew why? At the moment, I am gluten free, dairy free and egg free at the suggestion of a a skin specialist (not dermatologist) – and still…here I am doing this as well. Always trying to find answers.

        • Thank you M, I will check out the Dermazinc and give it a try. I have tried so many different shampoos and have not had much luck except for the BIOM8, which definitely makes it better, breaking up the scale but a day after shampooing, the scale seems to return. I think I need to use BIOM8 every day and shampoo every day – have not actually done that yet. All of the objectives in the program can only make us healthier in any case. 🙂 It seems we have to be very patient with this SD.

          • Yes, I have learned from research and the dermatologist that you need to keep your head as clean as possible which means shampooing every day. For some stupid reason when I first had this, I though shampooing everyday was causing it so I washed it every couple days and that definitely made things worse. Some days, I skip the SD shampoo and use regular shampoo and give my hair a break. And yes, patience, I have been so patient. I just wish I knew how to fix it and I would do it! Good luck!

            • I so appreciate your reply M! That is exactly how I have been approaching it – every other day or so, because I thought it would make things worse if I did it every day. When I first started getting SD, I would try not to shampoo more than once a week but it just kept getting worse. As I said, it always feels so much better on the day I do shampoo after the BIOM8, but the next day it seems to revert. From now on, it will be daily. 🙂

    • You are welcome. It still is a battle for me but I try. I will certainly be purchasing the BIOM8 and see what happens – fingers crossed!