Nystatin Users

  • Question

    Hey guys has anyone ordered the Nystatin from the US? Did you have any problems? Can you order it from amazon?

  • Need to try

    Hi everyone! I am new to SD and I wonder how you can get Nystatin without prescription?

    • Hi Eunice,
      I know that it’s an over-the-counter drug in Germany. Maybe you can order it online through a German company, or you can have a German friend or relative ship it to you. That’s the only options I can think of. Otherwise, you’d have to get your hands on a prescription 🙂

      • Thank you very much then, I think I will have to order it. I found different online, could you send me a pic of which one is exactly, please?

        • I cant send you a picture right now, im om the move 🙂 i Can send you one later. Until then, it’s nystatin creme from Lederle. I think if you dig through the comments on the original post, you can find a picture of the exact tube. That’s the best I can do for now 🙂

  • Update

    Just wanted to let everyone know how I’m doing with the Nystatin. It worked wonders, I’m still pretty much clear, but use it on a daily basis! The only problem I’m having is behind my ears which itch every once in a while, especially when I wear glasses. The Nystatin isn’t really working there, it just keeps it stagnant, not really fixing it, but…[Read more]

    • Hi Luis,

      Thanks for checking in again. It’s always nice to hear follow-ups on how people are doing. Especially when it’s good news! 😉 Well, except for the ears. It’s weird how the effectiveness of the drug changes on different skin. But maybe, as you said, it’s because if you’re wearing glasses the skin is always irritated a little bit? I don’t…[Read more]

    • Hi Luis,
      Strange enough my ears are the only area that can still show signs of it as well. They are never really an big issue, but I do see some dead skin sloughing off time to time.

      I’m currently playing around with my own cream similar to Restoraderm. So far it seems like the ears respond better to a more intensive formula.
      Perhaps the skin on…[Read more]

  • I managed to get myself some Nystatin, and have been putting it on once to twice daily. I also moisturize with the Restoraderm lotion. I find myself after a few weeks of using it 95% clear, with only me really noticing the redness. But it hasn’t gone away completely. A teensy flake here and there, but so far I’ve had good results. Did the redness…[Read more]

    • I’m happy to hear that you’re seeing progress! Congratulations 🙂

      My redness disappeared completely. I don’t have any symptoms anymore – at least in my own opinion. Maybe I should share a picture sometime to prove the effect – maybe what I describe as ‘completely cured’ is still 95% in your eyes. But I definitely don’t have any flakes anymore.

      I…[Read more]

      • I am, I wish I could make the redness disappear, but again, I think I only really notice it. I’m going to experiment and just use the Nystatin solely, with no moisturizer, and see if that makes a difference. Although I noticed that the Restoraderm that Michael suggested helped me reduce a lot of the symptoms that the SB was causing. I’ll give it a…[Read more]

    • Hey Luis,

      As per out email conversation, glad everything under control (or at least 95% under control 😛 ).

      Yeah a still get tiny flakes here and there (mainly limited to the ears). The rest of the problem skin has changed though. I’ve even gotten had pimples come and go in the areas where it used to be bad. So I’m thinking that’s a good sign,…[Read more]

      • For the past weeks, I’ve only used the moisturizer. We had discussed previously that the ingredients to the wash were different here and there, and that when I used it, it caused somewhat of a burning sensation. But we also discussed on how I used it during a flare, and perhaps that’s why I felt the burn. My skin looks better now than back then,…[Read more]

  • Hi guys,
    the complete story is posted over here: http://www.skindrone.com/2015/02/nystatin-potential-seborrheic-dermatitis-treatment/
    There has already been a lot of discussion in the comment section over there – so much that it is becoming overwhelming and difficult to sort out all the information.

    At some point I will make a recap here, with…[Read more]