Lack of a routine

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    This week was about reducing stress, which I can say I failed. Generally,
    I’m pretty laid back and this week I didn’t adhere in particular to the
    advice to have 2 meditation sessions per day. I have never been good at
    keeping a routine, at least one that is the same every day. Schedules are
    fine, as long as they are varied since then I don’t have to do the same
    thing day after day. For this reason, I didn’t even make it past one day
    of doing two meditations. I do have meditations from time to time
    whenever I feel stressed, but I’ve never had success trying to schedule
    down time. Down time has always been my own time, and slotting time to
    have free time seems like it defeats the purpose for me. That was my
    feeling this week.

    On the exercise front, I started going to the gym daily (yikes, daily
    routine!) but until I come up with a more varied way of getting exercise
    that’ll have to do. I noticed that the exercise helped clear my mind, so
    that was refreshing. It’ll be hard for me to find multiple different ways
    to exercise that are OK by me, since I generally find exercise boring.
    I’ll add updates on that personal journey later. Who knows if the exercise
    will last, or if I find other ways to exercise that I don’t mind (and fits
    into my schedule).

    I also took the opportunity to get a counselor. My family is thinking
    about adopting, and it’s likely that our child will need a counselor if we
    adopt from a foster agency. So that counseling doesn’t stick out for part
    of our family, we are all getting one before we adopt. This week had a
    good synergy with this other family-goal, so I have my first appointment
    tonight. I’ll add an update with my general feelings about how much this
    helps if it comes up later.


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