Drinking Water

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    Dehydration of as little as 2% of body weight can result in impaired physiological and performance responses. Unfortunately, most Americans are chronically dehydrated and fall short of the daily recommended 8 glasses per day.

    Documented Benefits:
    Water is a crucial component of every single cell of our bodies and even fills the space between them. This alone should be indicative of it’s importance. But having a look at some specifics can help put this into perspective ["Water: an essential but overlooked nutrient." S M Kleiner (February 11, 1999)" rel="popover" data-placement="top" role="button" data-trigger="focus" data-html="true">1]:

    • Helps moisturizer the skin from inside
    • Required for healthy immune function
    • Assists kidney and liver function
    • Digestion, absorption, and transporation of nutrients and minerals

    Ideas for Easier Integration:
    Here are some times you can use to drink a glass of water:

    • First thing in the morning
      keeping a bottle of water next to the bed will serve a simple reminder
    • Prior to eating lunch
    • Whenever feeling of hunger emerges
    • Before dinner

    And bringing a bottle of water to work, school or wherever most of the days is spent can help ensure your always hydrated.

    Additional Notes:

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