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Factors Affecting Immune Function

The immune system is a key component to our overall well-being and determines our susceptibility to infection and disease. As a result, it’s essential that it functions to it’s full potential and without any hiccups.

Our skin is actually an integral part of the immune system. Many skin conditions can be linked to unbalanced immune function and most disease states are often accompanied by various skin issues and manifestations.

Seborrheic dermatitis itself has been hypothesized by various papers to be the result of an improper immune response to the malassezia yeast [1]. While, more recent papers suggest the issue is actually linked to the free fatty acids produced by the malassezia [2].

Section Outline

This section aims to review the major factors that effect immune system function and can serve as an overall guide for making improvements. The writing is broken down into the following three minor sections:

  1. Stress
    Different types of stress, the effects they have and how to manage
  2. Nutrition
    Dangers of deficiencies, which are most common and the value of balance
  3. Physical Activity
    Importance of staying active, not burning out and modern issues
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