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Gluten is Bad

The gluten free trend really picked up speed in 2007. Since then, the market for gluten free products has grown rapidly, and now it is estimated that a whopping 22% of North American adults are trying to avoid gluten. This creates an industry that is valued at a whopping $8.8 billion for consumers trying to replace their product choices (source).

That is quite a large industry that really came out of nothing (source). So, how is it that prior to 2007, and really for the past 10,000 years, the human race has been relying on wheat to feed the majority of the world’s population? Can gluten have really been causing health issues for almost 25% of the world population all this time?

The most popular health issues that have been attributed to gluten cover a wide range of topics. This includes brain fog, skin rashes, headaches, joint pain, gas, systemic inflammation, depression, and IBS. Even though most of these can actually be related to gluten, others are so broad in scope that it becomes essentially impossible to actually come to a conclusion.

Seborrheic dermatitis can also often be found under this large umbrella of gluten intolerance symptoms. Typically, people make bold claims that gluten is the cause of your seborrheic dermatitis and the accompanying sadness/depression. However, even simple logic may suggest your depression and sadness can simply be a result of having a visible skin condition which negatively affects your social interactions. Or perhaps life’s infinite amount of unique circumstances has been causing you depression and stress, which alone is enough to trigger inflammation within the body. Realistically though, a case can be made for just about anything you can think of.

One large aspect of going gluten free that is not often considered is pastries. Typically when you go gluten free you also get rid of a significant amount of high-fat and high sugar products. As a result, this shift in dietary choices alone can lead to clear improvements in health for a large amount of people. In turn, this helps drive awareness to the trend, and more people rush to test it out.

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