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Candida Does It All

Another trending item is Candida. Candida is species of yeast and is actually one of the most common fungal infections worldwide. It is actually a real threat, and the widespread use of antibiotics has in fact promoted its growth in the last century.

However, it seems that the holistic and natural health market has really capitalized on it’s existence. It has been touted as the cause of a wide variety of symptoms including everything from feeling tired to arthritis. In fact the list is so large that basically any ailment you might have, you can simply blame on Candida.

Taking advantage of this trend, many support sources and self-treatment discussion boards have popped up across the web. Even though these discussion boards can sometimes contain valuable information, it can be easy to get carried away with uneducated speculation. In turn, this speculation can create a myriad of distraught thoughts, discussions, ideas, and can in-itself lead to self-propelled phobias (source).

It seems that the most reasonable thing to do if you believe you have a Candida infection is to simply undergo medical testing. The accuracy of modern medical testing is fairly good and definitely beats the dominating “self-test” published across the web.

The Candida Self-Test Debunked

The most popular method self-test for Candida is a simple spit test that is exceptionally popular online. This method has absolutely no validity and was actually created as a marketing tool by a creative company (Global Health Trax Inc) in the 90s. Unsurprisingly, the company’s main product is ThreeLac, a simple probiotic product for regulating digestive microflora and fighting Candida.

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