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The Most Common Medical Treatments

This section will examine the most common medical treatments used by medical health care professionals (especially dermatologists) for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. Plus, novel approaches currently being developed are also reviewed.

New research is constantly being published and as result this section will likely see on-going updates in the future. Additionally, there are new medical treatments not yet reviewed here. Discussion of these will be included in future updates of this section.

The content is broken down as follows:

  1. Topical Antifungals
    This is the most common approach that the majority of experienced dermatologists take. These treatments mainly focus on reducing the amount of malassezia yeast present on the skin surface. A variety of todays most popular antifungal preparations are discussed, including:
    • Ketoconazole
    • Clotrimazole
    • Zinc Pyrithione
    • Selenium Sulfide
    • Nystatin
    • Coal Tar
  2. Corticosteroids – Topical Steroids
    This approach is most commonly taken by general medical practitioners. Topical steroids focus on regulating the skins immune response. Long term usage has been shown to have complications.
  3. Treatments on the Horizon
    New treatment approaches are currently being explored by researchers. This section reviews the latest developments and the possible consequences they may have on the future of seborrheic dermatitis treatment. Topics include:
    • Antimicrobial Lipids
    • Antimicrobial Peptides
    • Internal Antifungals
  4. Skin Barrier Restoration Products
    These products aim at restoring the skin natural barrier function. Thought it’s not the most common approach to treatment, initial reports show promising potential.

As always, it is recommended you read the content in order. However, the content of this section makes for an excellent reference guide.

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