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Long Term Treatment of Seborrheic Dermatitis

This final chapter attempts to provide a comprehensive set of goals and action steps aimed at reversing seborrheic dermatitis and stabilizing your skin for years to come. Instead of going into any specific one-off treatment, it provides general tips and suggestions aimed at securing ongoing progress. This approach is designed to not only help you regain control of your skin, but also assist in improving your overall health and immune function.

One thing to be aware of is that this chapter is not fully based on medical literature. Though it does contain a good dose of referenced material some of the suggestions are based solely on my own experience and the knowledge gained through communication with others.

Following the rules of critical thinking will allow to decide which ideas have the most value. These rules are:

  1. Ask questions and be willing to wonder
  2. Examine the evidence
  3. Analyze assumptions and biases
  4. Avoid emotional reasoning
  5. Consider the interpretations
  6. Tolerate uncertainty
  7. Define your terms
  8. Don’t oversimplify

For my part I will try to abide by these rules as much as possible throughout the writing of this chapter. Reference to research papers will be provided when applicable and assumptions will be explained as much as possible.

Much overlap in the recommendations
Many of the suggestions presented in the following sections often overlap with one another. Any progress towards a single goal will likely also affect several other of the discussed goals.

Chapter Outline

The content of this chapter is broken down into one large section and two concluding summary sections. Here is the outline:

  1. Long Term Goals
    Essential concepts for securing long term results
    • Improve Lipid Metabolism
    • Shift Your Omega Ratio
    • Rediscover Optimal Nutrition
    • Evaluate Your Habits
    • Stabilize the Skin
    • Learn to Manage Stress
    • Balance Immune Function
  2. Actionable Steps to Take Based On the Goals
    Summary of action steps from goals section

It is recommended you read the content of this chapter in order the first time. However, jumping around is fully acceptable as each section has distinct topics. With all that being said, let’s dive right in.

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