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Goals Towards Being Seborrheic Dermatitis Free

This section attempts to establish a concrete set of takeaways derived from the Connecting the Dots section. These takeaways will be referred to as “goals” and are presented in this section.

Some goals will have more immediate results, while others could take weeks or even months to shown signs of progress. Nonetheless, focusing on the long term is the main principle behind much of the content of this section. And working on multiple goals should help you establish a solid foundation for long term progress.

Any steps taken towards the achievement of each goal is a step closer to regaining control of your skin. And following the recommendations in this section will likely aid the majority of people dealing with seborrheic dermatitis.

What if no progress is seen?
Some individuals may have specific health conditions preventing their immune system from regaining control. If you are unable to obtain any results from the discussed goals, consider seeking the help of a local medical professional and undergoing full medical examination.

Section Outline

  1. Improve Lipid Metabolism
    Improving the bodies ability to metabolize lipids
  2. Shift Your Omega Ratio
    Balancing intake of dietary fats to control inflammation
  3. Rediscover Nutrition
    Assessing what we know about healthy eating to avoid common pitfalls
  4. Evaluate Your Habbits
    Evaluating daily activities to discover areas for improvement
  5. Stabilize The Skin
    Focusing on the skin to jump start progress
  6. Learn to Manage Stress
    Finding ways to reduce stress to avoid the depression loop
  7. Balance Immune Function
    Regaining control of the immune system to lock in results
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