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Dietary Supplementation

On the other end of the dietary modification approach is attempting to find specific deficiencies in one’s diet that may be preventing the immune system from optical operation. This approach doesn’t seem to have as much popularity and an overall preference for supplements appears to be prominent amongst individuals.

If focusing on supplements, the main issues arise from uneducated supplementation based solely on online discussion or product reviews. At the core of this issue is the poor regulation of the supplements market which has allowed marketers to persuade consumers into believing various unproven claims and statements. As a result, when considering supplements, it may be a good idea to invest in the advice of a medical professional. This may not only save money, but also prevent you from making rash decisions which may have negative impacts on your health.

If we abandon supplements and focus on whole foods, a more robust state of health and immune function can be achieved and sustained. This approach may not only help resolve seborrheic dermatitis, but can significantly improve an individual’s overall quality of life. Several strategies and examples of this approach are provided in the Long Term Treatment chapter. However, if resources permit, it may be beneficial for an individual to seek the help of a local dietitian who can help develop a customized approach targeted at specific dietary goals and needs.

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