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Your Immune System

The immune system in our bodies is responsible for defending us from our environments and protecting us from disease and infection.

This section will go over the basics of how it functions and the key concepts you should know. Reading through this section will likely present a significant number of new topics and words. It’s not essential that you remember everything, but that you simply get a good general understanding.

The majority of the text will rely on interpretation of the actions of the immune system using simple explanations and terminology. The technical aspects of the immune system are rather complex. For a full understanding, of all of the components and biological processes, a much more in-depth study is required.

Through an adequate understanding of how our bodies defend against the outside world, we can become more aware of ourselves.

Chapter Outline

The content of this chapter is broken down into the following main sections:

  1. The Innate Immune System
    How our systems deal with the majority of pathogens
    • The Importance of Speed
    • The Physical Barrier
    • Second Line of Innate Immunity
    • Macrophages – A Famous Phagocyte
  2. The Adaptive Immune System
    What happens when pathogens survive the innate immune response
    • Two Different Approaches
    • The Complement System
  3. Immune System Issues
    What happens when the immune system malfunctions
    • Allergies
    • Autoimmune Disease
  4. Factors Affecting Immune Function
    What factors have the biggest influence on immune function
    • Stress
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Activity

It is recommended you read this chapter in order. Jumping around may place some information out of context.

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