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Your Digestion and Seborrheic Dermatitis Cover Photo

Your Digestion

A significant part of our health and well being depends on the strength and condition of our digestive system. This is because the digestive system is responsible for providing us with energy and nutrients that our bodies need to function.

When the digestive system is running into issues, a wide variety of health issues can result. However, the process of damaging your digestive system typically doesn’t happen overnight and is usually the result of repeated damage and abuse.

This chapter will cover the digestive process.

At first, we will start with the basics of the digestive process (what is suppose to happen when you eat and drink). Next, we dive a little deeper and take a look at one of the most common digestive issues around (gut permeability and leaky gut). Finally, we will examine certain tactics which may be of use for repairing and improving digestion for optimal health and immunity.

Chapter Outline

The content of this chapter is broken down into the following main sections:

  1. The Importance of Proper Digestion
    Why proper digestion is vital to your health and well being
    • Protein
    • Fats & Lipids
  2. Basics of the Digestive Process
    How food gets digested and processed by our bodies
    • The Path Food Travels
    • Other Crucial Components
  3. The Intestinal Microbiota
    What role the intestinal microbiota plays and it’s importance
    • Importance in Health and Disease
    • Factors Affecting the Microbiota
    • Dysbiosis, Permeability and Leaky Gut

It is recommended you read this chapter in order. Jumping around may place some information out of context.

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