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Introduction to Treating Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis has almost an infinite amount of treatment options. Some things may work one person, but not for another.

It is important to understand what treatment options are out there and to understand that many options found online are purely anecdotal.

Please never rush to conclusions after reading some random forum post or blog entry that you find online. You do not know the full story of this person, the actual effect of their treatment advice and weather is has truly worked for them in the end. It is clear that some people post their finding online way too early and their remission happened to occur at the same time they started their treatment.

Many of the options outlined in below will in fact do little or nothing at all way of truly curing or even treating seborrrheic dermatitis.

For reference please see this post:

This individual was unfortunate enough to fall in to the trap of reading too much online and believing everything he has read applied to him without careful analysis of the facts.

The amount of items that he reports ingesting at the same time can actually have negative consensus not only in regards to the seborrheic dermatitis, but also to his health in general. Also the North American supplements market is almost completely unregulated. Many of the supplements on the market are not what they claim to be.

There is a real danger in rushing to conclusions and implementing treatment options which you do not know all of the facts about.

Please be smart and implement the rules of Critical Thinking when you approach any online materials. The guidelines of critical thinking are well defined and outlined in the document here:

Please take a few minutes to read it.


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